Competition: 48H. Swedens larges design competition for students. 
Client: Real Star 
Roles: Project manager: Kristin Lexér / Copywriter: Martina Sandström / 
Art Direction/Designer: me / Art Director assistant: Evelina Ros
Target group: men between 18 & 25
Case: Create a campaign for Real Star to make men talk to each other about sex trafficking. Throughout our research we tried to find out the reason to why men buy sex and how they do it. We realised early that most men who buy sex are unhappy with their sex life and look upon sex as a human right. They also mostly get contact with sex sellers either through internet and/or when they're out traveling.1 out of 10 men in Sweden has sometime bought sex and most of them do it before they turned 25. Men need to talk to other men about this problem. 
So we created the digital platform Urinoaren. A forum by men for men where they can talk about sex trafficking and find the tools to help talking. To spread the word about this new platform, posters will be put up on urinals around the city plus an actual urinal will be placed on Järntorget in Gothenburg with further information about sex trafficking and Urinoaren. 

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